“Errors in the choice of attitudes and beliefs we hold are no less devastating than mistakes in medication or surgery.”

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bigstock-Business-Woman--Success-1739273Attitudes & Beliefs Are Powerful Forces That Can Transform Your Life

In this book, audio and video course, Dr. Neimark teaches us how the attitudes and beliefs we hold represent forces of the human mind that are no less powerful than a physician’s prescription pad. Positive attitudes and beliefs can heal us. Negative attitudes and beliefs can harm us.

In fact, our ability to achieve optimal health, happiness and peace of mind requires that we challenge and change the negative and pessimistic beliefs we hold. In their place, we must learn how to choose those positive attitudes and beliefs that give us a sense of hope and possibility. In his MASTERING STRESS SERIES on  Attitudes & Beliefs, Dr. Neimark reveals that:

  • The process of healing and getting well requires us to redefine our attitudes and beliefs about illness so that there is hope.
  • In a study of 152 cancer patients, a positive attitude toward treatment was a better predictor of response to treatment than was the severity of the disease.
  • We have the ability to choose the attitudes and beliefs we hold. We have a responsibility to choose our attitudes and beliefs, or they will be chosen for us!
  • Journaling helps us to examine our sometimes unconscious, negative beliefs and replace them with healthy, empowering beliefs. In one study, writing about traumatic experiences for as little as 15 minutes a day for 4 days reduced physician visits for illness, improved immune function and enhanced work performance for up to 4 months.
  • Illness is not a purely physical problem but rather a problem of the whole person, including our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs.
  • Negative attitudes and beliefs can harm us. 411 cancer patients were told to expect hair loss from a new chemotherapy drug. 30% of those who received a placebo lost their hair anyway!


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